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This site is designed, created and owned by a horse owner/breeder for the use of everyone. It started as a friend and I were sick of looking for advanced equestrian related information to aid a court case. However, we found that either there was very little information at all, or we had to trawl through loads of unrelated stuff to get to it. We also got sick of thinking we had found what we were looking for only to click on a site and find it had nothing to do with horses at all!

Having moaned about this for a while, and asking ourselves why there wasn’t a site with ‘everything’ available, we decided that the only way to find one on the net is to put it there ourselves. And so here it is!

While I have made every effort to be as correct and extensive as possible, mistakes happen and things can be missed out. It may be that I just have not got round to publishing something yet and so the link is not working. Or it may be that I have not had time to get round to something yet. But this is where you come in, if something is missing or not working please let me know by contacting me via the contact us page. If you can jot find what you are looking for ask me and I will do everything possible to find it for you. It will then be published for others to gain from.

I hope you enjoy the site and will come back often. Remember to tell all your friends!

With regards
The designer and Author.

© 2012 Suzanne Walsh All rights reserved
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