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Natural Horsemanship

Apart from actual science, where the horse is concerned there is really nothing new when it comes to horsemanship. Natural Horsemanship is no exception. In fact it's probably safe to say that it is only in more recent years that people moved away from being more natural to thinking that the use of more equipment, gadgets and so on is actually 'traditional'.

In this section we look into Natural Horsemanship as it is seen now. NH is becoming much more popular which in itself should be a good thing. However, caution should be used as not everyone claiming to use NH actually do, or do all of the time. Some dazzle with showmanship and the gift of the gab, while others spend more time promoting their very own gadgets instead of promoting the use of nothing.

It isn't possible to keep the horse completely naturally unless he is a wild horse, but there are lots of things we can do to help make his life better.

Please note that this site neither recommends, condones, or advocates any method or person associated with NH other than itself and the Author.

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