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We all have our little quirks and horses' are no different. However, some of the things they do can be annoying for us or just plain dangerous. The thing to remember is that horses have had millions of years to develope all their instincts for survival. Then we came along and decided to stick them in small fields and boxes. It’s fair to say that anything we deem to be a vice or behaviour problem simply doesn't exist in wild herds.

Problems occur when the horse develops a mechanism to cope with the stresses we put them under, or when they are trying to tell us that something is wrong. The problem I have as editor of this site is that these problems are varied in type and level. This section of the site is to give you an insight to the problem and how you may be able to help the horse. However, please do not assume that this section will give you all the answers. It will not, as I can not! each horse is an individual and without assessing the horse or knowing the horse’s history no answer can be given.

If you can not find something to help you in this section, please feel free to email me at and I may be able to help you from there. Or you could try posting a message on one of our forums, you may find someone who is going through the same as you and can offer support.

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